A Place to Grow

At First Baptist Church, our starting point is not that a person is a sinner who needs fixing, but rather a child of God who needs to grow. True, we all have problems that we need to overcome, habits we need to change, and a self-centeredness that needs to be turned around. But that is not what we make our main focus. Our main focus is on what God created us to be and what we can become in Christ.

The Christian Journey is about growth and transformation, and it starts with each individual. We try to teach individuals skills for the journey of faith that you can take home and apply to your life, and then we endeavor to provide a context in which you can hone those skills. We do not believe, however, that you can learn those skills primarily by attending church meetings. There are not enough spiritual activities that the church could offer that would be adequate for your spiritual growth unless you spend quality time on your own. It is like a person trying to learn to play the piano but only going to weekly lessons and never practicing in between. You’ll never learn to play.

We believe that each of us was created to make a contribution to the lives of those around us: that to love God is to love neighbor. The Christian life is to be one filled with active loving engagement; living fully as residents in the Kingdom of God.

There are several different ministry groups in our church involved in areas from running the sound board for worship, to teaching kids, to working in various non-profits around Frederick. Pick a place and jump in! It is often good to try a couple of different ministries to find your best fit.

Or, Start A New Ministry

Since a big part of what we do is help each member find out what God is calling them to do, we are always open to starting new ministries. If you sense that God is working with you on something new be sure talk to us about it!