Imagine having all the professional assistance that you need to start your Amazon business on one platform. Amazing isn’t it? Jungle Scout is quite popular among entrepreneurs for the same reason as it provides all the services to you in one place. However, not many people are aware of this platform, especially beginners.

That’s why in this article we have collected all the authentic data on Jungle Scout and made a concise review to make you understand its uses. So read along to know more about Jungle Scout’s features and advantages.

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Jungle Scout Review – In A Nutshell

Jungle Scout is your one-stop suite for all the professional tools that are needed to commence a business online on Amazon. Every entrepreneur is quick to do their homework before they enter into a new business environment. There are plenty of external as well as internal factors influencing the demand and supply of a particular product, and the key to earning an immense profit is to analyze those factors carefully.

Professional tools such as Jungle Scout helps you in analyzing the business environment on Amazon. So that you can grab the business opportunities that are still left and make the most use of them, however, the research is quite extensive, and to execute it, you will require plenty of tools that platforms like Jungle Scout can only offer.

Jungle Scout: Features & Best Tools

To know Jungle Scout’s professional suite thoroughly it is important to review the tools and features that it offers to its customers. Moreover, it is also crucial to know whether the features are compatible with the kind of business you are planning to start on Amazon. Therefore, the following is the information about its tools and features that you must know:

1. Product Database

Naturally, before launching your product you would want to know everything about the contemporary products to have the idea of the competition. Also, to come to the conclusion that you have chosen the right product you must study the performance of the products that are similar to yours. Product Database provides you with all the significant data for the product that you are looking for.

2. Product Tracker

In order to study the product, one must track it down. Product Tracked does exactly the same for you. It offers you a series of filters through which you can filter out the exact product on which you want to run your analysis. Once you find the product which you want to analyze you can move along with the Product Database to acquire information such as the product’s last month’s revenue, sales, etc.

3. Supplier Database

Just like the Product Database gives you the information of the products that are available on Amazon, the Supplier Database provides you with the information of the suppliers. This feature gives you a list of potential suppliers available nearby you. You can also check their profile to see whether they are fit for your business or not.

4. Niche Hunter

Obviously, to decide about the product that you would prefer to launch, you must study the products that are similar to your launching product. This way, you can have an actual idea of the competition that you are going to face once you launch the product. This can also help in product pricing as you can slightly improve your product from your competitors and price your product accordingly.

5. Keyword Scout

Everyone who is even a little familiar with the online concept of selling knows that keywords are a vital part of sales. In simple words, if you want to sell a humongous quantity of your product, then the keywords used in its description must be catchy enough for the customers to reach the product. Otherwise, your product will remain unreachable, which can result in reduced sales.

Advantages Of Using Jungle Scout

Now that you know the use of Jungle Scout, you should also know about the perks that it has to offer. Also, it can help you in reaching the conclusion of using Jungle Scout. So without much ado, let’s have a look into the advantages of Jungle Scout.

  • You can conduct extensive research on the product and the market on Amazon to formulate strategies that can support and help you reach the profit maximization state.
  • You can look for available potential suppliers and choose the best among them of all based on their profiles so that you get the best product to sell.
  • You can draw a comparison between your and your competitor’s product to make your product different from others.
  • With the help of Jungle Scout’s tools and features, you can look for new opportunities and use them as an upper hand in the competition.
  • It has a user-friendly interface that is easy to understand and execute.
  • It not only helps you in achieving a higher rank for your product but also aids in maintaining the rank as well.

Jungle Scout Plans & Coupons

The plans and packages of Jungle Scout are divided into two categories, namely: Standard Plans and Packages. Standard Plans include monthly and yearly plans, whereas Packages include a 3 months, 6 months, and 12 months package, Why don’t you use coupons while opting for annual package. If you are still confused, then have a look below at the details of these plans.

Standard Plans are further divided into three plans which are according to your business requirement.

  • Basic: If you are a beginner, then a Basic plan would be suitable for you. It costs around 49 a month, and if you choose its yearly plan, then it will cost around $349 annually, which saves you $240 a year if you compare it to a monthly plan.
  • Suite: The Suite plan is for those who have managed to make a standing in the market and want to work towards the growth of their business. It costs around $69 for a month, and if you choose the yearly plan, then it will cost around $589 a year, which saves you around $240 as compared to the monthly plan.
  • Professional: Professional plan is for those entrepreneurs who want to expand their business to greater heights. It costs around $129 per month for a monthly plan and $999 a year for the annual plan. The annual plan saves you around $549 as compared to the monthly plan.