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Supplies have been DELIVERED!

Rulers are now posted in the Worship Center and sorted by grade level. Participation is simple – take a ruler off the wall for every $20 you have contributed to Waverley Elementary School. ($20 = 1 ruler, $200 = 20 rulers) We encourage you to take your rulers home as a reminder of the children and educators in our community and pray a special blessing upon them for the coming school year. On August 7, we will invite the teachers and administrative staff from Waverley Elementary to join us for a special “Back to School Blessing,” as we pray over the teachers (in our congregation and those who come as guests), students, staff, and the supplies we are sending to Waverley. After our Unleashed Service, we invite the congregation and our guests to join us for a celebration with some delicious Ice Cream Sundaes. Bring a topping to share!


In 2016, three of our church members went with Touching Lives Worldwide to serve in the Dominican Republic and Haiti. We look forward to hearing their testimony in the upcoming weeks and updating everyone on their mission trip. In the meantime, if you see Brad, Caris, or Joyce – ask them about their journey and how God used them to make an impact on the hearts and souls of others.

In 2015, eight of our church members went with Touching Lives Worldwide to serve in the Dominican Republic and Haiti. We crossed over the border to Haiti and gave gifts and supplies to orphan children. We ministered to the people of Dajabón by visiting a senior citizen home and running a summer camp for 141 Dominican and Haitian children. We read Bible stories, sang songs, danced, played sports and made personal connections with the children and adults. This was an amazing and humbling experience. We will continue to support these children through prayers and continued contact, primarily on Facebook (technology is amazing). Many of us have already talked about returning next summer and hope to grow this life changing team.

Clothing Drive

Twice a year, we collect clothing for an absolutely incredible clothing drive at Waverley Elementary School. All clothing is collected, sorted, and transported by FBC Frederick. Our awesome volunteers then lay all the clothes out on tables in the cafeteria and families in need of clothing come and take what they need – no questions asked. Within a matter of minutes, thousands of pieces have new homes and bring a bit of light to those living in our immediate community. The need this year is large and we have an especially hefty need for boys clothing (all sizes). We do ask that all donations are clean, in good condition, and sorted into bags that are labeled with size and category (boys, girls, men, women). We look forward to another successful clothing drive this coming fall!

Souper Bowl of Caring

My Plate Garden at Waverley

Waverley My Plate Garden

Waverley My Plate Garden

The relationship between First Baptist Church and Waverley Elementary has truly begun to “blossom” this year. First Baptist Church partnered with The Golden Mile Alliance to fund the My Plate Garden at the local elementary school, a project spearheaded by Farmer Mike of Seed of Life. Our $500 donation didn’t simply go to a garden, but an entire curriculum for students that involves the My Plate Garden, positioned in the front common area of the school.  Farmer Mike worked with Frederick  County Public Schools to ensure students didn’t just learn about planting, caring for vegetation, and harvesting crops – but the importance of agriculture in societies around the world. The project and curriculum act as an incredible metaphor about life and how you are able to cultivate yourself in a way that best serves and nourishes others. Emily Bish commented that her favorite aspect of the My Plate Garden curriculum is that, “When students harvest the produce, they don’t keep it for themselves. Instead, students are encouraged to share the produce with other classes, the food bank, or the local backpack programs. Incorporating this aspect of contributing to a society and sharing the fruits of their labor is truly remarkable.” The My Plate Garden program is not just happening at Waverley Elementary School, but being implemented in elementary schools throughout the county. Schools can opt in to the program, where they will be partnered with community businesses and organizations that donate funds to the project and provide volunteers when needed. The best part about this new program is that teachers don’t need to squeeze My Plate Garden in to their already busy schedules. The program meets current curriculum standards and can act as an alternative to other avenues teachers might be taking to meet the curriculum requirements. Rev. Richard Krauss put it perfectly when he said, “My Plate doesn’t add to their plate.” To learn more about this initiative or to get involved with some of the amazing things Seed of Life is doing in our community, check them out on Facebook!


Waverley Supply Donation

This school year, we were able to donate school supplies to Waverley Elementary School. The donations totaled close to $6,000 and were made possible through the remaining funds in the Waverley savings account (money designated before we transitioned to a unified budget). Our Waverley Ministry is near and dear to the hearts of so many members, which is why we are planning to write this ministry into the General Budget for 2016. In addition to donating school supplies, the ministry is hoping to also make a line item donation to The Judy Center, to support the backpack program we formerly housed at FBC. By making a donation to The Judy Center, we will be playing a role in feeding not only the children of Waverley Elementary, but children throughout the county who are in need. We feel blessed to have this connection with schools and children in our community.

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