Intentional Interim Pastor Search

Background:  The former pastor of 27.5 years announced his retirement during December 2022 with his last day being December 31, 2022.  The church has no paid clergy at this time and is relying on guest pastors each Sunday.  The firm foundation of the church has emerged in the form of numerous volunteers and the atmosphere in the church is one of joy with the Holy Spirit leading and the focus on Jesus Christ.  The church has a traditional worship service at 8:30 AM (approximately 65 people attend) and a contemporary worship at 11:15 AM (approximately 25 people attend).  Various small groups meet at 10:00 AM for Bible study.  The church has youth group and houses Little Lights Child Development Center (LLCDC) that operates during the week.  We do not own a parsonage.  Our paid staff currently consists of the Office Manager, LLCDC Director, Interim Youth Leader, and two musicians. Purpose/Principal Function: To provide sermons between pastors and to assist us during this transitional period which includes identifying issues that need to be looked at before the next pastor arrives, preparing the health of the church for the next pastor, and identifying the type of leader who needs to be called next for the church.  Office hours and visitation will not be required.  Direction to the paid staff may be provided as required.  Collaboration with the Transition Team (consisting of the deacons, elected committee chairpersons, and Office Manager) and Pulpit Committee (nine members which includes two alternates) is expected to be done on a monthly basis at meetings.  Online coordination may occur more often and virtual attendance (Zoom) at meetings is optional. Job Classification:

  • Independent Contractor/Consultant with a trial period to be determined by the pastor and the church.
  • Salary commensurate with experience and/or education.

The qualified candidate will: Love God as his/her highest priority.

  • Demonstrate dynamic faith in Christ, exercising disciplines in maintaining spiritual health and modeling reliance upon God.
  • Avoid politics from the pulpit.

Interested candidates may submit resume and cover letter via email to